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How to Last Longer in Bed

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Premature ejaculation can be an embarrassing experience for both the guy and his partner. It is something not a lot of men are willing to admit or talk about so here’s a lending hand. Pretty much everyone has watched the Kama Sutra in the hopes of learning tantric sex and doing things contortionists would think twice about. But that’s not all you can learn from it. It can also offer you the secret on how to last longer in bed. There is a technique that helps delay ejaculations when practiced. It involves starting slowly with one stroke for every three seconds then building up to it. This could also be used with the 7/9 technique. This means you make 7 fast strokes then 9 slow one. These two methods basically follow the same concept and help slow down a guy and create rhythm that helps stimulate your lady friend.

The other common technique is the squeeze technique. When you feel like you are about to climax, pull out and squeeze directly below the head of the penis. It suppresses the ejaculatory response and can be incorporated into the lovemaking exercise by having her run her hands along your shaft before resuming the sack session. This can be used together with the stop-start technique. In this, you incorporate time-outs when things get heated to allow your arousal to plateau before starting up again. These two are pretty much the backbone of how to last longer in bed though they will take some discipline. You can however take advantage of it to get caressing and kissing or do some breathing exercises which also help.

If these techniques sound like they will take too much out of you, you can try using desensitizing condoms. They contain benzocaine or lidocaine which are desensitizing lubricants. Caution should be taken with these because if worn inside out, she’ll be on the receiving end of the solution and that won’t play to your advantage. There are some positions that could help your man last longer such as the girl-on-top and missionary positions. Shallow thrusts will make you last longer and allow you to linger on the vaginal entrance which is where the sensitive nerve endings are located. When learning how to last longer in bed it’s best to get out of your head and try to enjoy the journey instead of getting so caught up with holding on and making the sex purely mechanical.

Here is a good video that will give you more tips on how to last longer in bed.